Professional Presentation Skills (3 Days)


For clients who feel that 2 days is not enough, CC Knowledge Base Co., Ltd. has created a 3 Days Professional Presentation Skills program. This program is to give an extra day for participants to truly develop their skills by focusing on their actual everyday work.


what makes this program unique is the focus on:


1. Developing Effective PowerPoint Slides and Visuals

2. Extended One on One Coaching by Professionals


Participants will have to bring in actual PowerPoint slides, which they will be given feedback and evaluation. They will then have to develop and improve their slides that will be later sent in for futher review. In addition to this, participants will use their own slides to present and VDO taped for detailed review sessions by our professionals.



Duration: 3-days session


Key Objectives:


Knowing what the Visual Message is

Communicative Visuals Effectively

Having Confidence with Visuals

Applying Knowledge with Actual Work




Step 1: What is the Visual Message?

Step 2: What is the importance of Visual Messages?                                                                                                                                    

Step 3: Effective Visuals


               What are Visuals?

               Making Visuals?

               Explaining Visuals

               Using Visuals


Step 4: PowerPoint Evaluation (One on One Coaching)

Step 5: Presenting with PowerPoint Slides

Step 6: Feedback & Assignment (One on One Coaching)


Topics Addressed:


Visual Messages: What and How important it is

Visuals-Making, Explaining and Using Them


Primary Result:


Participants will go away with the confidence and practical know-how of creating powerful visuals that can be applied to all presentations for any situations. They will be able to apply these skills to their actual work and be able to be confident in the quality of their PowerPoint presentations.



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