Effective Sales - Leader and Coach (3 days)


training that focus on developing skill in program that help participants become stronger, more confident leaders and managers. Skills focused on in these programs included Inspiring people, enthusiastic, motivation, public speaking, listening, people skills, memory, problem-solving, and the ability to develop more leaders within the organization and doing business plan effectively


Objective: Leaders who inspire teams to work together can deliver results faster. In this course, the participants will gain the skills to structure, measure and tune performance in a team environment. 


Using Data in effective way:

Through practical workshops, you learn how to become a leader who equips his or her team with the skills and capabilities to optimize productivity and performance and deliver high-quality results.


  • Develop your teams to maximize their strengths and enhance productivity in driving the number of Sales.
  • Optimize organization and work design for success in service delivery teams 
  • Identify the appropriate management style for coaching and be able to use the right techniques to get the results 
  • Set coaching objectives which are measurable and activity based
  • Coaching team how to make a good selling approach.
  • Develop competence and confidence through facilitating conversations 
  • Structure your coaching sessions and deliver quality feedback to your staff 
  • Take corrective action in more difficult situations


Duration: 3-days session




Day one: The Difference between Sales Manager & Coaching Manager :


Morning session:

  • Class Introduction
  • Pre-Test
  • Leadership attitude in Selling
  • Qualification of high quality Sales Manager
  • Four styles of Sales Manager & Coaching Manager
  • The Methodology to Find the Right person Select
  • Interviewing, and Plan for Success
  • Knowing Your team & their competencies
  • DISC Analysis & Strengths Finder workshop


Afternoon session:

  • 4 Attributes that employee’s value in manager as a coach
  •  Effective team communication & time management
  •  How to reduce employee turnover
  •  Tip for Motivating team How to Drive Sales Team in positive way
  •  KPI of the Team: hard goal/ soft goal
  •  How to set soft goals success to the team
  •  Work-shop


Night session:

How to Manage Generation Gap Effectively

Y Generation, X Generation and others...How to get the great team 

(ผสานความต่างสร้างจุดแข็ง)Link the Strategy, KPI and Goal as a Good Team


Day two: How to Coach, competency and Building trust:


Morning session:

  •  Coaching Manager Qualification and
  •  Responsibility
  •  Why staffs hate you
  •  How to resolve conflict at work
  •  Step for coaching
  •  12 technique questions in coaching
  •  Learning coaching characteristic to motivate
  •  Rule for coaching


Afternoon session:

  • Work-shop 1 For Coaching
  • Timing for coach
  •  Future line of you as a Coaching Sales Leader
  • Leader and Coach
  • Experienced and Story of Effective Sales Coaching
  • Sales...Coaching work shop (Sales Management)
  • Setting Goal....as individual and Commitment


Day three: How to Drive team with the Business Plan and make it work:


Morning session

  • Drive Sales Team by using the Effective Business Plan
  • Set the Quota and Sharing in Coaching Style
  • Discussion on Selling Day by Day problem
  • Check and Share... with team and find the way to inspiring team
  • Work-Shop and Case Study
  • How to make Coaching Work in Selling Situation at Branch (Case Study)
  • Creates a shared understanding of what is required to improve performance and how to achieved
  • Encourage self-management of individual performance in strategy focus program
  • Build team work by open and honest also encourages two-ways communications between superiors and subordinates


Afternoon Session:

  • How to Deal Work Each Other in Tough Situation
  • Suck as: Deal with miss the number or not achieving the Goals
  • 5 Love Languages
  • Life Sharing
  • Magic Words
  • Inspiring you to be a great person
  • How to using the best way to convincing the People
  • Summary & Wrap it All Together
  • Post ? Test


  • Hands-on experience
  • Interactive coaching by instructors
  • Audience observation and input
  • Role Play
  • Individual feedback and evaluation



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