Project Management


The Focus is on project management skills, but you also will learn about fascinating historic projects and obstacles their builders encountered. However, this class would have benefited from more disciplined and project success.


Duration: 2-days session


Key Objectives:


Step 1 - Understanding Yourself


               DISC Profile

               Fostering Communication

               Responding to Types

               Working Through Weakness


Step 2 - Communicating on ALL Levels


               Determining Sponsor Styles

               Delivering Information

               Crafting The Message

               Proper Communication Management

               Communications Documents

               How to Assess the Current Situation and Create an Action Plan That Works


Step 3 - Defining the Word Done


               Definition of Done in Project Management

               Team Building with the Word Done

               How Done Can Set Proper Expectations


Step 4 - PERT Methodology in Project Planning


               What Is PERT?

               PERT for Time Estimation

               How to Factor Risk into the Equation

               Create a Work Breakdown Structure for PERT

               Examples of PERT in Action


Step 5 - Customer Focus Starts with Great Requirements


               Characteristics of Good Requirements

               Functional Requirements Versus Technical Requirements

               Who Is the Real Customer?

               Work Breakdown Structure Dictionary


Step 6 - Do Not Sacrifice Your Team at Any Cost!


               The Importance of the Team Relationship

               How to Build an Effective Team Relationship

               Internal Team Satisfaction

               Team Building and conflict Resolution

               100 Percent/10 Percent Rule

               Dealing With Mandated Dates


Step 7 - Myths about Status Meetings


               Understanding the Purpose of Meetings

               Should There Be a Meeting?

               Are You Meeting Effective?

               Setting Up a Successful Meeting

               Important Rules for Meetings


Step 8 - A Real Risk Assessment


               Why Risk Is Important

               The Risk Process

               Why People Are Opposed to Risk Management

               Dynamic Risk Assessment

               How to Put Risk in a Project Plan

               Thirteenth Floor Principle

               Putting Risk in a Project Plan



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