Professional Presentation Skills (Intensive)


For many people, giving a presentation is a stressful activity. Presenting

or speaking to an audience regularly tops the list in surveys of people's

topfears more than heights, flying or dying.


Therefore, CC Knowledge Base Co., Ltd. offers a solution to all these

anxieties presentations create. Our Professional Presentation Skills

Program is a highly interactive session that offers workshops that train

your executives and sales representatives to organize and deliver

powerful presentations. Participants will be able to give clear, concise,

interesting and persuasive performances. They will be educated to

persuade, motivate and sell better.


Increase your confidence and sense of control. Our

Professional Presentation Skills training includes extensive DVD taping

and coaching so that you will be a better and confident presenter.


Duration: 2-days session


Key Objectives:


Develop Professional Presentation Skills

Develop Personality and Quality in Presenting

Understand Effective Structures that strike interest

Know how to create effective visuals




Step 1:  Self-Analysis

Step 2: Audience Analysis

Step 3: Developing Presentation Skills

Step 4: Preparing for Presentations

Step 5: Presentation Technique

               Presenting with Visuals

               One on One Presentations

               Public Presentation

Step 6: Question and Answer Techniques

Step 7: Closing Presentations


Topics Addressed:


Making the Best Use of Existing Strengths

Freeing up Body Language

Controlling Nervousness

What are the Dos and Don'ts of Presenting

Developing Individual Presentation Styles

How to be Entertaining and Stimulating

How to Create Effective Support Materials

Controlling Question and Answer Sessions


Primary Result:


Participants will go away with the confidence and practical know-how

of a skilled presenter. These benefits are mastered by working directly

with top notch presentation professionals in hands-on workshop type

environment. They will be able to understand how to be entertaining

and stimulating to their audiences



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