Marketing Management


Develop the core marketing management skills and competencies. The core competencies include marketing knowledge, planning, controlling, problem-solving and communication. The development and evaluation of these skills are based on marketing management model.


Marketing is one of the most important parts of business today. Business marketing provides professionals with a number of employment opportunities, each requiring different tasks and skills. Marketing management is very specific tasks which need the expertise. Those who enter marketing management course will be required to understand the customers’ world and the factors that make products or services meet the right target. In additional they must also be able to lead a diverse labor forces. They must have a broader understanding of marketing functions, techniques, and technologies. Marketing researchers must be able to interpret what data means and apply that information in a practical way. They also need to be able to control the consumer market in order to sell products and achieve higher success.



Duration: 2-days session


Key Objectives:


               Provide an understanding of the marketing management framework
        of a business organization


               Offer experiential analysis to understand the challenges of CMOs


               Focus on marketing management best practices, tools and models
        to implement an effective marketing and sales management system


               Provide insights on how to develop marketing strategies, initiatives
        and programs to build and sustain a competitive market advantage


               Provide a practical framework for planning and controlling of marketing
        communication programs




Module 1: Marketing Principles

Module 2: Marketing Strategy

Module 3: Marketing Research:

Module 4: Advertising and Brand Communications

Module 5: Marketing Communications Mix

Module 6: Publicity and Public Relations


Topics Addressed:


               Product and service lifecycles, the marketing mix "6Ps", product design, pricing, place in delivery and distribution, promotion, packaging and presentation and people


               Focus on development, implementation and control of marketing strategies needed to attain and sustain a competitive market advantage


               Understand customers to create value - understanding the psychological aspects of buyer behavior and how clients make buying decisions and interpret advertising and sales messages


               Competitive intelligence


               Manage the brand, the elements of the marketing-mix product policy, channels of distribution, communication, and pricing to satisfy customer needs profitably


               Understand the elements of marketing communication program including advertising, personal selling, public relations, sales promotion and direct marketing. Understanding the decision-making process when developing promotional campaigns to support a firm's brand or product/service strategy


               Study of the implications of public relations on marketing, corporate identity, issues management, media relations


Primary Result:


Participants will discover what marketing is, how to segment your marketplace, set marketing objectives and marketing strategies, learn how marketing communications works, the promotional tools available to you, marketing tips, gain a sample marketing plan template and much more on this marketing in practice training workshop



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