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In the ever changing world of work, businesses have to be dynamic and fast paced.  This can only be done with the right people in the right job.  It is rare to find successful companies that to not commit in topgrading their organizations with A Players, top performing individuals.  It is a proven fact that organizations that invest in their employees from the selection process all the way up to selecting proficient successors turn out to flourish the most in their industry.


After studying literally thousands of booming and failed careers and hundreds of successful as well as failed companies, we have found one overriding factor that emerges: Human capital. The single most important driver of organizational performance and individual managerial achievement is talent. Topgrading provides organizations the know-how in selecting & interviewing the right people, coaching and managing them to be the A Players they should be in an organization via coaching or promotion.


Class Objective:


               Obtaining good ideas in Leading Teams in the Changing World

               Learning how to Lead Top A players and also getting the right person

        in your team

               Developing your teams to maximize their strengths and enhancing productivity

               Identifying the appropriate management style for coaching and being

        able to use the right techniques to get results

               Set interview objectives which are measurable and activity based

               Develop competence and confidence through facilitating conversations
        in interviewing

               Structure your coaching sessions and deliver quality feedback to your staff

               Take corrective action in more difficult situations


Course Outline:


Introduction to Topgrading


               Topgrading Goals

               Benefits of Topgrading



Topgrading Hiring


               Typical Hiring VS Topgrading Hiring

               Topgrading Structured Interview

               10 Spot of Interview Errors by the Movies

               Reference Interview

               Virtual Bench


The Role in Hiring, Promoting, Redeploying and Firing


               Hiring and Developing to Remain A Players

               Compensation to Topgrading

               Topgrading Recruitment

               Redeploying B/C Players

               The Elements of Moral Redeployment


Topgrading Implement Successfully


               Obstacles to Topgrading

               6 Keys to Becoming A Happy A Player


Coaching and Keeping A Players


               The Essential Steps in Interview Coaching

               12 Failings Related to Needed Competencies

               The Ease of Changing Competencies


Primary Result:


Participants will be able to apply methodology relies on unusually detailed, chronological interviews; conclusions are gleaned from patterns which have emerged across layers of competencies as interviewers probe every success, failure, relationship, and major decision in a person’s career. The results from a Topgrading interview are used to coach people to become high performers.



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