Strategic Management


Strategy is all about setting direction. It is not just for the organization but also in the hearts and minds of employees and customers.


Strategy in turn will define the organization; remove complacency and focuses effort towards the achievement of financial and strategic objectives.


This strategic management training program is designed to prepare executives and managers on how to introduce strategic management within any organization. Whether you are interested to learn about strategic management for yourself or you want to instruct your staff or clients on how to implement a successful strategic management process this training program will repeatedly deliver endless results for you.



Duration: 2-days session


Key Objectives:


               Help to clarify corporate goals and objectives

               Manage and focus of the strategy to the time frame

               Create a shared understanding of what is required to improve

        performance and how to achieved

               Encourage self-management of individual performance in strategic management




Module 1: Strategic focus and performance management concept

Module 2: Managing Performance planning

Module 3: Strategic Management concept

Module 4: Develop vision, mission, strategies and implementation plan

Module 5: Understand critical success factors

Module 6: Build strategy focus format

Module 7: Tips of implement strategic management


Topics Addressed:


               Focus on a particular area of expertise in maintain a competitive
        edge in today’s marketplace

               Provide visibility into how well a company is maintaining its
        strategic management

               Develop a corporate strategy for a company in defining who it is
        and where it fits in the market

               Understand what areas it is executing well and what areas
        require improvement


Primary Result:


Participants will learn to improving performance which is centered on client’s strategies.

Participants will be able to communicate strategies and align the efforts of the organization’s workforce that is vital to achieving competitive advantage



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