Innovative Thinking


How would you rate yourself in terms of creativity? Organizations are hungry for good ideas. Smart companies know that their future depends heavily on relentless improvement on constant innovation on breakthroughs. So, they’re cranking up their efforts to become more creative.


Productivity improves when people are more creative. The breakthrough innovation presents a unique alternative. This is sometimes considered as “thinking outside the box”. Company may need to have various individuals or teams sharpen their creative capabilities to keep pace with aspirations.



Duration: 1-days session


Key Objectives:


               Learn to think laterally

               Understand the ideas of Innovative Thinking Concept

               Inspire people to thinking outside the box and realize their own ability
        to be innovative

               Create a fusion of  Business Model professionally

               Apply Medici Game to create Innovative Thinking




Module 1: Innovation with MEDICI GAME

Module 2: Innovation with BUSINESS MODEL


Topics Addressed:


               Stretch people's imaginations and inspire them to make a greater
        contribution to the business

               The Medici Game is a journey into the intersection, the ground breaking
        concept illuminated by Frans Johansson’s best-selling book. The Medici
        Game experience begins by exploring unusual connections that led to real
        innovations. It creates a sense of urgency around your organization’s need to
        innovate in order to stay ahead in a rapidly changing, competitive,
        global marketplace.


Primary Result:


Participants will be tremendous fun with Medici Game workshops and create Business Model for doing things differently.  Our program will make you greatly liberating and motivating for thinking outside the box. The program works by asking participants to deliberately break the normal rules of planning, behavior, decision-making, propriety and sometimes even decency, just to break through current patterns.



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