Service Excellence


The customer revolution is here to stay. As products and services become more and more alike, the competitive edge comes from the experience the customer has with your organization. Service excellence goal is to maximize those experiences, so he or she will be able to encourage others to do the same.


The real magic in service delivery comes from discretionary efforts, where your staff uses their initiative to go beyond their normal job descriptions. Also participants will be more create and do some extra things to impress customers. This service excellence training course uncovers the secrets and strategies of building a business based on improve and gain the outstanding levels of customer services and customer satisfactions.


Duration: 1-days session


Key Objectives:


               Know how to impress the customer in excellent service

               Manage the customer encounter

               Identify and understand customer needs and wants

               Build positive expressions toward company image




Module 1: Customer Service Principle

Module 2: Enhancing customer satisfaction

Module 3: Building the great experience

Module 4: Communication for excellence service


Topics Addressed:


               Identify customers’ needs and wants and recognize the importance
        to the customer’s perception of service excellence

               Recognize the importance of using positive language with customers
        to help in meeting the customer’s functional and emotional needs

               Use a structured active listening technique to gain a full understanding
        of the customers’ emotional expectations

               Recognize how the use of empathy with customer helps in developing
        positive relationships that lead to enhanced customer loyalty


Primary Result:


Service Excellence program is to encourage and motivate participants to adopt positive customer service behaviors that meet both the functional and emotional needs and wants of customers, leading to increased customer loyalty and long term business growth.



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